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DrSkippy's News

Posted by DrSkippy - June 2nd, 2011

Holy fucking SHIT!?

Where has the time gone? Here I thought I would be taking a small break and it's nearly been 3 years. WTF is wrong with me?

Ok well now to get my SHIT STRAIGHT!

You all probably want answers as to why I haven't done jack shit. Well.......... I do have a reason...... Here it comes.......


Yeah. You heard me. Ive been hella busy. But my bitch ass wife left me. Put me in jail for 6 months over some thing I didn't do. Now im suing the fuck outta her. Other then that life is good now. I can focus on my art.

Get ready. I can gaurentee you in the next week. I will be back in buisness! Ill even post some of my tattoo work. And Time laspe some of that shit too!

Any suggestion please guys you know what to do.

THIS TIME EVERY THING WILL BE IN HIGH DEF! No more lighting problems, no more blurred cameras. And all professional grade art supplies!

Im coming back. Just watch and see.

Best regaurds all my fans.


Posted by DrSkippy - October 2nd, 2008

Its been over a year.........
I decided I needed to come back........
This time with custom sketch lapse.........
Here is a preview.................
Be ready in the next few days...............

Get ready for the next big thing! XD

My new video is instructional.


Posted by DrSkippy - March 13th, 2008

Well It has been sense august sense I last posted a time lapse or any news about my seriese that was suposed to be started in December. Im sorry guys, Work, Life, Rent, Bills and other things have been taking up most of my time. But fear not i have been working on Bosely and another time lapse for you. I will be posting or should i say uploading some content very shortly. With in the next few days at that. Sorry to keep you all waiting. But the wait will be worth it.

Here is another character from Bosely.


Supa Buff Fly originates from roswell new mexico on the top secret military base AREA 51. After accidently flying into a test facility, Supa Buff Fly a regular house fly was zapped with a genetic altering plasma ray developed to mutate growth genes. Once zapped he mutated into a six foot tall body built fly hell bent on becomming a world famous body builder.

Unknown to the military at the time what they had created Supa Buff Fly was able to manipulate his own genetic code to transform back to a regular sized fly and was able to escape with no harm done to him. The only down side to Buff Fly him self is every time he mutates his size his wings stay the normal size, making him unable to fly while in his buff form.

Knowing that he has to hide from the Us government from bein gcaptured he Flys to canada's safety from harms way. After months of hiding from people of the public supa buff fly builds a log cabbin in the high mountain tops of the british columbia rockey mountains.

After a Long days work of collecting fire wood to keep warm in the cold mountainous region he runs into a kangaroo who oddly thinks he is a bear. After the kangaroo know as BOSELY has an athsmatic attack and passes out Supa Buff Fly feels the need to drag him back to the log cabin to revive him back to health.

One night while eating a late light dinner of poo he had collected, Bosely discusses the possibility of helping search for his real birthplace. Supa Buff Fly thinking this would be a perfect Idea to get out of the mountains and start an adventure that he had been longing for all his life, they embark on an ever life changing journey.

It should be good guys. Thanks for understanding.

Bosely Comming Along.

Posted by DrSkippy - August 13th, 2007


Bosely is a Kangaroo from Australia who was Orphand as a Joey at 2 weeks old. Rescued by wild life conservationists he was crated up and was to be shipped to a wild life re-habilitation facility in sydney. But for some strange reason he was put in the wrong container and shipped to the Toronto Zoo as a bear.

When recieved in Toronto Canada, the zoo keepers and wildlife experts were puzzled at first until they decided it would be comical to raise the Kangaroo as a bear in a controled enviroment. As it was he was unhealthy and if they risked shipping him back to Sydney he may die.

So for three long years Bosley lived life out as a bear one hundred percent oblivious to the fact he was really a Kangaroo. Even though he never understood the "SPECIAL ATTENTION" he was given all the time. A few weeks after his 3rd birthday he over hears one of the zoo keepers talking about Bosely and how he was a kangaroo adapted to life in Toronto, and how he had become acustom to the weather in Canada. Because of the ridicule the zoo had been recieving about the bear like kangaroo, and how it was unfair to keep his real identity from him they decide to release him in the rocky mountains of British columbia. Only due to the fact that shipping a kangaroo back to australia was not funded by the goverment and would cost a small fortune out of the zoo's pocket.

Two weeks later Bosely wakes up on a snow covered mountain top unaware of his surroundings. Lost and confused the poor kangaroo starts to wander the beginning of a life long quest to find his birthplace and to reveal his true self.

Along the way Bosely meets some friends who embark on his journey with him to find his past. SUPA BUFF FLY an escaped top secret United States biological experiment gone wrong is one of them.

With that said. This is one of 10 characters I have PAID to actualy Trademark and Patent. So yeah im stoked. It should be a good series and will be about 10 - 12 episodes long. If you have any ideas please let me know and i will take them into concideration!

New Cartoon Comming APROX Dec 2007 Jan 2008

Posted by DrSkippy - August 8th, 2007

So, Today being August 3rd. I have finished 1 of my 2 epic time lapses. * HUGE HURRAY FOR ME *
It only took me forever to get it done. I am unsure if I am going to post it today or if i should wait untill tomorrow. It too soo friggin long my hand has a blister on it. OMFG A BLISTER!

So i have posted the pictuer on here so you know what to expect when i do get the video up an on the site. I have tryed to outdo my self yet again over and above the last one i have completed with mario and bowser. I just hope this time i can hit front page.

But as of today there are alot of high scoring submissions.


Posted by DrSkippy - August 4th, 2007


Ok sorry for no time lapse today. But come on im not super Skippy, I mean look i did 8 in a row for you all. thats 1 every day for the last 8 days. Thats almost 26 hours of drawing. HOLY FUCK I DIDNT KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I SIT AT A DESK! Im tierd and need a few days rest. Im sorry i know it is dissapointing but hey. I am a human being too you know.

So here is my oath to you. I am gonna take 3 or 4 days rest. But then.... THEN!!!! THEN!!! The epic one will be done and ready. That is my promise to you.

So with that said. Here is a picture of pikachu.

Needed a break!

Posted by DrSkippy - August 3rd, 2007

Wow just finished the biggest and hardest drawing time lapse yet. A Bowser and Mario piece. It took me damn near 4 hours to complete. It was a work of art and by far the best i have done yet.

As per this one I found a new technique that allows me to lay the marker on the drawing alot smoother as well. So It looks super fine.

Damn I am having fun on this site.

Lets see if I can go for FRONT PAGE this time.

And I would also like to thank all my fans on newgrounds that have made a huge difference and suporting me along the way.


With out the help and support of you I would be no where. THANK YOU! You are makign a dream come true!

Long days work.

Posted by DrSkippy - August 1st, 2007

Ok I have spent 3 hours today drawing on the epic time lapse I have been promising you. And man im sick of it already. I wanna cut my fingers off I have worked them to the mere bone......

So sense I got bored with it I decided once again to do another side project. A 5 Part series of 8 - Bit characters. I think it will be a little bit different. I hope you enjoy them as it takes forever for me to make my own graph paper as you will see when watching it. Meh what ever

Have fun watching it. BLACHHAHHCHAHCAH im losing my mind.

... Brains................................


Posted by DrSkippy - July 31st, 2007

So i brought you the chocobo from chocobo tales for the Nintendo DS how did you like them apples? HUH!??!?!?!? WELL DID YOU LIEK IT? I don't care. It was fun. So yeah enjoy.


I am starting an Epic time lapse. You all should like it. I am going to please a ton of people here all at once. I get so many requests a day for this person and that person, So I decided to put them all in 1 drawing. The people are as follows

Peach, Link, Mario, Luigi, Samus, Pikachu, Ness, Ice Climbers, Bowser, Captain Falcon, Foc Mcloud, Yoshi, Zelda And Donkey Kong.

This is going to take about 1 to 2 months to complete, so you may not see any more submissions after this one for a few weeks, unless I decide to make a filler like this one. I hope that this next one fills the void and you all enjoy it. THIS TIME IM GOING FOR FRONT PAGE!

Cuteness Time.

Posted by DrSkippy - July 30th, 2007

I made a header image for my user page. I hope you all like it now.

Now that im feeling all beat up beacause im STILL BURNT TO A DAMN CRISP....... I still managed to deal with the pain to bring you all another timelapse. This time it is cloud. Yeah yeah i know... but im still in pain so it isn't 100% but i still hiope you all like it.

I GOT A JOB INTERVIEW AT EBGAMES TOMORROW! Lets hope I get hierd. It will rock if i do. So i am taking a 3 day break ok. But keep watchgin and i do love the support you are giving me. See you all very soon guys.