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New Cartoon Comming APROX Dec 2007 Jan 2008

2007-08-13 02:28:37 by DrSkippy


Bosely is a Kangaroo from Australia who was Orphand as a Joey at 2 weeks old. Rescued by wild life conservationists he was crated up and was to be shipped to a wild life re-habilitation facility in sydney. But for some strange reason he was put in the wrong container and shipped to the Toronto Zoo as a bear.

When recieved in Toronto Canada, the zoo keepers and wildlife experts were puzzled at first until they decided it would be comical to raise the Kangaroo as a bear in a controled enviroment. As it was he was unhealthy and if they risked shipping him back to Sydney he may die.

So for three long years Bosley lived life out as a bear one hundred percent oblivious to the fact he was really a Kangaroo. Even though he never understood the "SPECIAL ATTENTION" he was given all the time. A few weeks after his 3rd birthday he over hears one of the zoo keepers talking about Bosely and how he was a kangaroo adapted to life in Toronto, and how he had become acustom to the weather in Canada. Because of the ridicule the zoo had been recieving about the bear like kangaroo, and how it was unfair to keep his real identity from him they decide to release him in the rocky mountains of British columbia. Only due to the fact that shipping a kangaroo back to australia was not funded by the goverment and would cost a small fortune out of the zoo's pocket.

Two weeks later Bosely wakes up on a snow covered mountain top unaware of his surroundings. Lost and confused the poor kangaroo starts to wander the beginning of a life long quest to find his birthplace and to reveal his true self.

Along the way Bosely meets some friends who embark on his journey with him to find his past. SUPA BUFF FLY an escaped top secret United States biological experiment gone wrong is one of them.

With that said. This is one of 10 characters I have PAID to actualy Trademark and Patent. So yeah im stoked. It should be a good series and will be about 10 - 12 episodes long. If you have any ideas please let me know and i will take them into concideration!

New Cartoon Comming APROX Dec 2007 Jan 2008


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2007-08-13 03:52:42

my nly suggestion give hima katana hehe jk anyway good for you skippy you seem to be doing bettter than most here at NG and thats a good thing anyway i posted some new artwork and somthing i think you should help out on anyway great job on the time lapses and i hope this series works out well for ya il be looking for em hehe

DrSkippy responds:

Thanks. He doesnt need a katana. lolz/


2007-08-13 16:42:50

Nice Watermark XD

You are still going to do Time Lapses though right? O.o

DrSkippy responds:

Oh but of course. im stillworking on some new ones. Soon to be posted my friend!


2007-08-14 19:10:17

hehe very funny plot! very different absolutly love it! and you PAID for the characters, that shows some dedication! looking forward to seeing more

DrSkippy responds:

Well it should be a definite new genre. I am more then happy to work my but off for them.


2007-08-21 23:04:02

what happned to time lapses?

DrSkippy responds:

Im working a full time job now so it conflicts with my art work a little. I should have a new time lapse comming out by the end of the week! Sorry to keep you waiting. Please have patience with me as I now need to make a living to pay rent and stuff. :P


2007-08-24 03:35:53

Seems intriguing. :)

I still hope to see more Time Lapses, though. :D


2007-08-31 01:23:39

when is ur next time lapse plz make anorther


2007-09-25 10:19:31

i like your time lapses i hope u make more soon i'm excited to see wat u make next