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Bosely Comming Along.

2008-03-13 20:20:26 by DrSkippy

Well It has been sense august sense I last posted a time lapse or any news about my seriese that was suposed to be started in December. Im sorry guys, Work, Life, Rent, Bills and other things have been taking up most of my time. But fear not i have been working on Bosely and another time lapse for you. I will be posting or should i say uploading some content very shortly. With in the next few days at that. Sorry to keep you all waiting. But the wait will be worth it.

Here is another character from Bosely.


Supa Buff Fly originates from roswell new mexico on the top secret military base AREA 51. After accidently flying into a test facility, Supa Buff Fly a regular house fly was zapped with a genetic altering plasma ray developed to mutate growth genes. Once zapped he mutated into a six foot tall body built fly hell bent on becomming a world famous body builder.

Unknown to the military at the time what they had created Supa Buff Fly was able to manipulate his own genetic code to transform back to a regular sized fly and was able to escape with no harm done to him. The only down side to Buff Fly him self is every time he mutates his size his wings stay the normal size, making him unable to fly while in his buff form.

Knowing that he has to hide from the Us government from bein gcaptured he Flys to canada's safety from harms way. After months of hiding from people of the public supa buff fly builds a log cabbin in the high mountain tops of the british columbia rockey mountains.

After a Long days work of collecting fire wood to keep warm in the cold mountainous region he runs into a kangaroo who oddly thinks he is a bear. After the kangaroo know as BOSELY has an athsmatic attack and passes out Supa Buff Fly feels the need to drag him back to the log cabin to revive him back to health.

One night while eating a late light dinner of poo he had collected, Bosely discusses the possibility of helping search for his real birthplace. Supa Buff Fly thinking this would be a perfect Idea to get out of the mountains and start an adventure that he had been longing for all his life, they embark on an ever life changing journey.

It should be good guys. Thanks for understanding.

Bosely Comming Along.


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2008-03-16 01:52:29

i'm looking foward to it i got an idea for another time lapse try fire emblem

DrSkippy responds:

Thanks. I will concider it. Just lots of stuff to do right now. :)


2008-04-09 19:21:48

Hey, so you're not dead :P

Glad to hear everything is coming along