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Thank you all. *CHECK THIS OUT*

2007-07-28 21:46:50 by DrSkippy

Thanks to you all for all the wonderful support. I hav ebeen pumping out the Time Lapse's now one a day for the last three days. I got burnt to a crisp at the beach today and well i hurt really bad. BUT YOU ARE IN LUCK. I have not done Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong yet, but about 2 days ago i went ahead and did Knuckles The Echidna. So I will be posting that one up tomorrow. I am dorry Cybernaught that i didn't get the monkey brothers done for you but I will be doing them next.

So I have too many people to list that have REQUESTED to see the Red gaurdian of the master emerald. So with out further adue I will be making his video next.

Please be aware that because im badly sunburnt i may not get a timelapse up for 2 to 3 days after this. But I do love the support I am getting from you people ( MY FANS )

Thank you once again.

*NEW* I have a huge demand of people wanting the actual finished product of the timelapse i do. So now I am willing to give the drawings to my fans. ( THERE IS ONE CATCH THOUGH ) Limit 1 Drawing Per Fan. Second YOU MUST PAY THE MAILING CHARGES. Third if you want it you must be the FIRST PERSON TO SAY SO. *if you are too late I only do one drawing you may miss out*

Thank you all. *CHECK THIS OUT*

Wow. Lot's Of Support.

2007-07-27 19:15:05 by DrSkippy

Thank you every one for all of your support so far. 2 submissions in and loving all the positive feedback i have recieved. So now I do have some news about the next project in line.

Heavenduff : Samus Aran** has been completed. Though due to the restrictios of only being able to submit so much content a day I cannot post for another 17 hours. Please keep watch and the next project is underway.

cybernaught : Diddy Kong & Donkey Kong

This is gonna be a long one. Keep watch and I will let you know when it is finished and when I will be posting it.

Wow. Lot's Of Support.

The Next Time Lapse

2007-07-27 03:33:37 by DrSkippy

Well Thank you all for making my first submission to NEWGROUNDS.COM a huge success and not blamming it to hell. I am working on 4 new drawings and will be timelapseing them and I am going to give credit to the following people for the suggestions.

Purelionheart: Suggestion *Sonic The Hedgehog* ( NOW DONE )
HeavenDuff : Suggestion * Samus Aran* ( NOW DONE SOON TO BE POSTED )
cybernaught : Suggestion * Diddy kong & Donkey Kong*
chaoscrunchy:Suggestion *Mario Fused With Sonic*

So theese are my new projects. Please keep watch for them as I will be posting them in the not toooo distant future.

And I always reply to a comment. So please feelfree.

The Next Time Lapse