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Cuteness Time.

2007-07-31 21:00:34 by DrSkippy

So i brought you the chocobo from chocobo tales for the Nintendo DS how did you like them apples? HUH!??!?!?!? WELL DID YOU LIEK IT? I don't care. It was fun. So yeah enjoy.


I am starting an Epic time lapse. You all should like it. I am going to please a ton of people here all at once. I get so many requests a day for this person and that person, So I decided to put them all in 1 drawing. The people are as follows

Peach, Link, Mario, Luigi, Samus, Pikachu, Ness, Ice Climbers, Bowser, Captain Falcon, Foc Mcloud, Yoshi, Zelda And Donkey Kong.

This is going to take about 1 to 2 months to complete, so you may not see any more submissions after this one for a few weeks, unless I decide to make a filler like this one. I hope that this next one fills the void and you all enjoy it. THIS TIME IM GOING FOR FRONT PAGE!

Cuteness Time.


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2007-07-31 23:42:12

y r u so sad.... and the epic netedo one sounds sweet i take a look at this stuff it makes my whole day better u rock..oh and how is ur job at eb games or what ever... k g2g u kick ass

DrSkippy responds:

Im sad because i havent heard back from EB after my interview. It is the whole wait 2 days before you hear any thing from them. Im glad My art makes you happy. I love it when i make people feel better. Till my next lapse you keep rocking.


2007-08-01 01:45:06

man your artwok inspires me being an artist myself i want to become as good as you and i cant wait for the epic time lapse its gunna be well... epic hehe btw if you wannna chek out my artwork and give me some pointers maybey? itson my page
anyway you definatly found fan here

i wish you well in the portal

DrSkippy responds:

Then I am on my way right now to look at your stuff.


2007-08-01 13:19:26

dude i saw all of the drawing you posted on ng and i must say you are extremely good i cant wait to see your next ... ill be waiting good luck

Good luck with EB too. =p

DrSkippy responds:

Thenks for the reinforcement.