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2007-08-08 18:42:14 by DrSkippy

So, Today being August 3rd. I have finished 1 of my 2 epic time lapses. * HUGE HURRAY FOR ME *
It only took me forever to get it done. I am unsure if I am going to post it today or if i should wait untill tomorrow. It too soo friggin long my hand has a blister on it. OMFG A BLISTER!

So i have posted the pictuer on here so you know what to expect when i do get the video up an on the site. I have tryed to outdo my self yet again over and above the last one i have completed with mario and bowser. I just hope this time i can hit front page.

But as of today there are alot of high scoring submissions.



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2007-08-08 20:53:58

I gave this a five! Also watched your 8-bit one, it was really good too!

Good luck on future lapses! ^_^

DrSkippy responds:

Than you for the good luck wish. I hope I get front page soon. I can't get much better then this other then actually working for SEGA or NINTENDO! What do people expect from me?


2007-08-09 01:31:14

I really loved this lapsei can't wait to see your future works what else are you gonna draw?

DrSkippy responds:

I only have a few more drawings left to go for the time lapse series. Then im in to my new online sitcome SUPA BUFF FLY starring BOSLEY THE ATHSMATIC BEAR! It is gonna rock. But who knows, maybe ill do a few lapses here and there to keep the fans happy.


2007-08-09 01:57:52

omfg u kick ass i can only dream i can be this good :( mabye one day ill be as good as u...DAMN THATS A GOOD DRAWING!!!

DrSkippy responds:

Keep your chin up my friend. You can and will be as good if not better if you just take your time and practice. It is possible to do any thing if you just take your time and put a lot of time and effort into it. Here is a tip, next time you actually get in the drawing mood, Put on som erelaxing music, like trance or even classical to jazz. It is what i listen to and it relaxes me while i draw. I find that being relaxed more then tense and stressing detail, with the calming music it just comes naturally.


2007-08-09 02:19:24

kickass man this one is damn good as are all the others it gets a 5 for sure
dont know why you havet got front page yet i guess nowadays not many ppl aprecciate good talent either way i posted some new stuff if you wanna take a look
maybey for the next one you could do vincent valentine or cid and the highwind
but my pointless rambleings aside i cant wait for the next one

DrSkippy responds:

I will take a lookie-loo and let you know, Thanks for the support by the way. Im glad to have a fan like you.


2007-08-09 20:53:31

Great work again Skippy!
My only complaint is that Sonic didn't turn out as amazing as everyone else but he still looks freakin' sweet =D

Great work man, hope it gets front page =D

DrSkippy responds:

Thank you. I do agree that super sonic didnt turn out as good as i would have liked him too. Only thing is i feel as if a few people underaprreciate it so sadly im gonna say no front page for me this time.


2007-08-10 01:43:31

ok u must be tired of seing my name but u draw and i write reviews =p and leave coment

well all ill say since i already told u how good u are is

GOOD JOB, SO FREAKING GOOD WORK, U OWN EVERY1 IN DRAWING!!!!! (well maybe not but u are the best for me =p)

DrSkippy responds:

LMFAO! OMG thanks, I feel as if i have an internet stalker. JK!!!!! I really enjoy hearing positive feedback. Feel free to leave as much as you like.


2007-08-14 19:27:13

in future skippy post a high def pic of every lapse, only when its this size can you realize how talented you actually are, the small low rez grainy lapses show you drawing them yet due to its size its hard to see the shear amount of detail and shading you put into your work, i suggest having the flash size of the canvas like, 805.9 px by 559.2px

(yet keeping the timelapse the same size) and after the time lapse is finished holding the last fame and in a layer above tween a square of black of alpha 0% to 100% then change the frame to show the actual finished product in full view then tween it back to 0% again, so it appears to fade through black to show the final thing in more detail) just a suggestion but i reckon that it would show the high quality of your drawing ability

Gratz on your first epic! im suprised by the lack of an award though, yet still excellent work